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本文摘要:Having a chart topping app in the Apple Store is the holy-grail for every tech-developer.对于每个技术开发人员来说,如果自己的软件能在苹果商店中名列第一,那是他们梦寐以求的事情。


Having a chart topping app in the Apple Store is the holy-grail for every tech-developer.对于每个技术开发人员来说,如果自己的软件能在苹果商店中名列第一,那是他们梦寐以求的事情。Topping the rankings means the app is on display to millions of people around the world who browse the stc re, making it an enormously lucrative and sought after feat.名列第一意味著自己的软件能被全世界采访苹果商店的几百万人看见,所以沦为第一是十分有利可图的事情。But animage which has gone viral this week suggests some designers are willing to stretch the rules in order to climb the charts, reports Shanghaiist.据上海人网站报导,有些人为了取得这样的名列而不择手段。

The photo, uploaded to social media site Weibo, shows a Chinese employee sitting in front of about 100 iPhones with the accompanying caption:Hardworking App Store ranking manipulation employee.微博上的这些照片表明一名中国员工躺在约100架苹果手机前,照片上的文字是:努力工作中的苹果商店名列操控雇员。In theory, workers can download the app to boost its ranking, delete it, and then download the app a second time for the same result.理论上来说,工作人员可以iTunes软件来以提升名列,然后再行移除,再行iTunes。

Numerous tech websites have featured the image, including Tencent Technology, who reported the image offersa glance into the elusive app-ranking manipulation industry.大量的科技网站都公开发表了这张照片,还包括腾讯科技也报导说道这张照片指出了令人难以捉摸的软件名列操控行业。Tencent estimated that a hundred forged ratings can be created within an hour or two,though its unclear how much of an influence this has on the App Store rankings.腾讯估算在一两个小时内就可以生产出有100个假造的名列,尽管还并未获知这样的不道德不会对苹果商店的名列导致多大的影响。A second image spreading like wildfire purports to show the cost for breakinginto the top 10 apps- about $AU14300 - and for keeping it there for the week-about $84,402.第二张照片标明了要想要沦为名列前十的软件的价格,约是14300澳元,而如果想要在名列上保持1周时间,那就得缴纳84402美元。


Apple has reportedly taken a number of routes to crackdown on those trying tomanipulate the ratings, incl uding lowering the price the price of apps in hopesthat will inspire more users to rate the app.据报导,苹果公司早已采行一系列的方法来压制这些操控名列的人,还包括减少软件价格,以此期望能希望更好的用户给软件评分。